Valentine’s date night wish list

V-Day date night


Hi everyone! I had a productive and fun weekend, first during Friday I went to class OHHH I hate going to classes on a Friday it’s very tiring. On Saturday had Soccer practice and got a virus =( so I’ve been pretty miserable these few days with a sore throat, then went out with friends had fun, thought about moving out of my parents place because they are moving to far away from where I study and I won’t be able to go to take classes, a friend it’s trying to get me a roommate hopefully the person will say yes I’m just waiting for an answer.
This is a wish list I created on Polyvore of a V-Day night out, to me it’s really classy and comfy, hope you guys enjoy it!

Outfit of the day/ Comfy day

2016-02-0516.42.242016-02-0516.41.122016-02-0516.38.222016-02-0516.38.07 Today was the busiest day I’ve ever had so many thing to do and almost no time for anything, I had to go to work of course in the morning, did I ever mention that I have to wake up at 5:00 a.m every week day to go to work it is exhausting :o, I didn’t have time to blow dry my hair so I decided to leave my wavy hair be and just added two dutch braids on the side. The clothes are super comfortable for me and it’s easy to pull of, the t-shirt it’s really cute, the sandals and the shoulder bag added a little glittery fun to the outfit. On the bottom there are a few links to a similar pieces of the outfit!



Sandals/Jeans/T-Shirt/Shoulder bag


Tras noche – Acoustics night

2016-02-0321.24.31casa de teatro2016-02-0321.26.462016-02-0321.27.21ct2

So yesterday a friend of mine went to sing to this place as an amateur, this is his second time on stage and this was the first time I saw him singing. It was at Casa de Teatro that  it’s a small stage lounge with live music where new artists go to perform, it is located at Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo. I recommend you to go if you ever come to the DR,  it’s at open air so the environment is really nice and comfortable. I had a Presidente light beer to drink, I usually don’t drink beer even though Presidente is one of the best beers as many people say. Then the presentation opened with a new urban acoustic band I thought they were actually not that bad it was just the type of music that I think doesn’t go together. After them my friend Leonardo went on stage, he looked pretty nervous =D and forgot the lyrics of the first song Bachata Rosa of Juan Luis Guerra, but even so he knew how to improvise and the people liked it. He sang two more songs, I have two small videos of him singing but since I’m new here I haven’t figure out yet how to upload videos. If you know how to please tell me by a comment or E-mail me. And if you ever come to the Dominican Republic fell free to contact me and we can get together! 



Así que ayer un amigo mío fue a cantar a este lugar como un aficionado, esta es su segunda vez en el escenario y  fue la primera vez que lo vi cantando. Fue en Casa de Teatro, que es un pequeño escenario de salón con música en vivo, donde nuevos artistas van a presentarse, se encuentra en la Zona Colonial de Santo Domingo. Yo recomiendo ir si alguna vez vienen a la República Dominicana, está al aire libre por lo que el ambiente es muy agradable y confortable. Yo bebi una Presiedente light, por lo general no bebo cerveza a pesar de que Presidente es una de las mejores cervezas como dicen muchas personas. Luego la presentación se abrió con una nueva banda acústica urbana pensé que en realidad no eran tan malos es solo que el tipo de musica que tocaban no pegaba mucho. Después de ellos mi amigo Leonardo entró en el escenario, parecía bastante nervioso = D y se le olvidó la letra de la primera canción Bachata Rosa de Juan Luis Guerra, pero aun así él supo cómo improvisar y la gente le gustó. Cantó dos canciones más, tengo dos pequeños video de él cantando Pero como soy nueva aquí no se  aún cómo subir vídeos. Si saben cómo por favor dejenme un comentario o un correo electrónico. Y si alguna vez vienen a la República Dominicana contactenme y arreglamos para salir a ver lugares!







NARS Audacious Mascara


Hi peep! So during the Christmas holidays I was checking out different mascaras at Sephora online, I have always used the Maybelline mascaras because those are like the best mascaras they sell here at DR, but this time I wanted to get a really gooooodddd mascara. I have always liked the NARS products however I have never bought a NARS mascara. I saw the latest one the Audacious mascara, the reviews were awesome so I thought I should try it out.

My lashes are super thin and not full so even though I put on mascara they doesn’t stand out as much, and I don’t like to wear false eyelashes to me they are pretty uncomfortable; with the NARS mascara they look full and they stand out I feel it gives me a complete definition and I don’t even have to curl them! =) So I eager you to try it, it makes wonders with your lashes. If you do try it out send me your picture and show me how you wear your mascara and if there is another product that works for you, you can comment and write the link and I’ll try it.

Thanks for reading!



New hobby, new domain



2016-01-30 17.27.03

That lady on the back while I was resting =P

2016-01-30 17.26.06 The whole crew (only boys) 

Hi everyone, I’m so excited to let you know that I finally buy my domain and changed the name of my blog to Marina which is my middle name and my grandma’s first name. I hope that this will be the beginning of a great blog and hopping in God that this page will be a success and that I’ll follow through my New Year’s resolutions to write a post everyday.

So during the weekend I had many stuffs to do. I wanted to be more active this year so I enrolled in a soccer class, my first day was on Saturday, as I was doing the exercises I felt really tired, just because you know when you stop being active and you do not follow a routine and then you begin you need to take it slow so you do not loose your breath, me I started with 3 and a half hours of classes, so I ended up super soar. Got a t-shirt from the team, the colors are alright, yellow it’s not my favorite color I look like a bee =D. I still need to find some shoes for playing soccer I found some pretty ones that I will order from Zappos, they are this Puma bluish color with yellow I think it will go well with the uniform, you’ll found them in the link bellow. Sunday was my birthday, didn’t do much, it wasn’t the best birthday. Some friends called me to wish me happy birthday and relatives too, most of them wrote on Facebook.

So that was my weekend like, hope you liked this post, if you find some pretty soccer gear please post the link on a comment I’m new at soccer stuff and want to find nice things =)



Puma Soccer shoes