New hobby, new domain



2016-01-30 17.27.03

That lady on the back while I was resting =P

2016-01-30 17.26.06 The whole crew (only boys) 

Hi everyone, I’m so excited to let you know that I finally buy my domain and changed the name of my blog to Marina which is my middle name and my grandma’s first name. I hope that this will be the beginning of a great blog and hopping in God that this page will be a success and that I’ll follow through my New Year’s resolutions to write a post everyday.

So during the weekend I had many stuffs to do. I wanted to be more active this year so I enrolled in a soccer class, my first day was on Saturday, as I was doing the exercises I felt really tired, just because you know when you stop being active and you do not follow a routine and then you begin you need to take it slow so you do not loose your breath, me I started with 3 and a half hours of classes, so I ended up super soar. Got a t-shirt from the team, the colors are alright, yellow it’s not my favorite color I look like a bee =D. I still need to find some shoes for playing soccer I found some pretty ones that I will order from Zappos, they are this Puma bluish color with yellow I think it will go well with the uniform, you’ll found them in the link bellow. Sunday was my birthday, didn’t do much, it wasn’t the best birthday. Some friends called me to wish me happy birthday and relatives too, most of them wrote on Facebook.

So that was my weekend like, hope you liked this post, if you find some pretty soccer gear please post the link on a comment I’m new at soccer stuff and want to find nice things =)



Puma Soccer shoes




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