Makeup review


Hi guys today I want to share my makeup most, these are the makeup products that I can’t live without! I use them for my daily makeup routine and for special occasions too.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed I was looking around for a product with a highlighter/bronzer duo, and I stumbled upon this product, which also includes the blush.
At first I didn’t like the way it looked because I found it chalky and actually I really didn’t knew how to apply it well =D. Now, after experimenting some, I love these products. I have oily skin, and the highlighter on my skin gives me a nice sheen without making me look oily. The bronzer isn’t too dark for me, and is great for contouring. The blush is nice, also, very pretty on my skin. It’s very close to the color that I naturally blush at, so I love it.
I’d recommend this product, as I absolutely love it. The packaging is great, and the products themselves are great!

TOO FACED CAT EYES FEROCIOUSLY FEMININE  It has a neat and handy metal case with a mirror and it works well in your every day bag. It has these amazing eye shadows with a great combo of matte and shimmers. The three color with wet/dry formula are great to use as an eyeliner in case you don’t have one in hand and it stays put all day. This fab palette is perfect to use day after day and occasion after occasion.

NARS ‘Audacious’ Mascara This is my #1 mascara of all time after using it my eyes looked soooo big and they are not! This mascara builds up my lashes easily and quickly, there are no clumps or smudges. I truly recommend this mascara I haven’t found lots of good reviews about this product I guess that it doesn’t work with a lot of people but for me this is the ultimate mascara!







Statement Jacket!


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Adding colors to my outfit is very important to me, it makes my outfit stand out and look bright. I chose to style this print jacket with a pair of Manolo’s heels and distressed jeans with a couple of complementary items and a nice Michael Kors bag! Hope you guys like this post if you feel you want to leave a comment feel free to do it.



Styling my Chucks





(TOPS: Tunic / Collar top ) (BOTTOMS: Leggings / Shorts)  Chucks Lipstick Maybelline “On fire red” Lipsticks

Hey everyone! Today is the first day of the week! I felt super tired in the morning just because I slept until 12:00! normally I would go to bed at 9ish because I have to go to work early =\ I’m a teacher so everyday I have to be up at 5:45 A.M not so pretty =| but anyways I thought about sharing this look on how I would style a pair of Converse hope you like it and go check similar pieces on the links!



Relaxing moment

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During this Spring week I haven’t been able to go to the beach or travel around my country so I had to think of things to do during this free time. I went over to some friends houses to talk and pass my time, because my roommate is gone to her hometown I have been spending my time alone at the apartment. So I found some Pilates videos and did several of them my body is super sore! and started to do crochet, I never took a class or anything I learned to do crochet by looking up for videos in YouTube. First I learned to do a simple rose bud the first one turned out not so cute but I kept practicing and now I’m actually pretty good at it!

When I have that much free time I like to start new projects more of fine motor use like crochet because it is so relaxing and there are so many cute little things that you can make in my DIY pinterest board here you can find several free patterns and a How to crochet tutorials.

No fridge

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Before moving out last week my roommate Mariel that’s her name told me that she didn’t have a refrigerator at the apartment, my first thought was “ohh I can deal with it” hahaha but wrong most of the thing I eat need to be stored in the fridge =( so I had to figure out my groceries list to see what things I could buy and keep my healthy diet at the same time. I started to do some research on Pinterest and found this cool web page that you just have to type the name of your product and it will tell you how long does a food product last onthe fridge or counter and freezer, here is the link Still Tasty, is very useful if you have the same issue as me or if you just want to know how long to store you products and foods  =D.

My mom is visiting me today we are planning to go have lunch together =d I’m currently not eating meat, I started to make continence on how farms treat those poor animals and how crazy it is to be an animal lover like me and still be eating meat not thinking on how those animals are suffering =( so I can eat them it’s kind of twisted. Any who hope you have a great rest of the day and a fun Spring break everyone!



Big decision and customization

Hi everyone!

I did some customization to my blog hope you guys like it, I like it better how it is now and how it was before it looks brighter and more “professional” hehehe =D.

Recently I moved out of my mother’s place to my own with a roommate, before I took this big step I did some research on how to start living on your own, here in DR is hard for young people to live over their own paycheck because most of the things that are sold here are super expensive. So in my research I highlighter the 3 basic things you need to know before you move out on your own (without parents).

  1. First you need to make a budget list. Talk to your roommate about sharing expenses and divide them on individual expenses and shared expenses, that way you are never going to be late on paying bills and financially you’ll be at peace with your roommate.
  2. Make a checklist of things you will need at your place before you move out. Think of important things like kitchen supplies, dishes and things you’ll need for cooking. If you want you can talk to your roommate to divide expenses for example, he/ she can buy the dishes and you can buy other kitchen supplies.
  3. Make sure to pack everything and stay withing your budget, and be happy moving out is an important decision so make sure you are prepared to face life as a grown up woman or man.

Beauty day

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2016-02-27 10.32.19

Hi peep! I’ve been very busy with school and work that I haven’t been able to sit down and write on my blog, but finally now I found the time. These past few weeks have been rough with making evaluations for my kids at work and doing homework from the university, it’s not easy to work and study but I’m managing it. Today I got to do lot’s of things during the morning like making a nice breakfast =d I made an egg tart with sausages and then I went to my Salon, Stylish Nailbar and Lounge, they treat their clients so well and they make you feel at home, they are located in Bella Vista Mall 2nd floor.

SHIRTSChoiesH&M similar     PANTSNew York & Company jeans and then I cut them to make shorts/ Forever21 leggins