Big decision and customization

Hi everyone!

I did some customization to my blog hope you guys like it, I like it better how it is now and how it was before it looks brighter and more “professional” hehehe =D.

Recently I moved out of my mother’s place to my own with a roommate, before I took this big step I did some research on how to start living on your own, here in DR is hard for young people to live over their own paycheck because most of the things that are sold here are super expensive. So in my research I highlighter the 3 basic things you need to know before you move out on your own (without parents).

  1. First you need to make a budget list. Talk to your roommate about sharing expenses and divide them on individual expenses and shared expenses, that way you are never going to be late on paying bills and financially you’ll be at peace with your roommate.
  2. Make a checklist of things you will need at your place before you move out. Think of important things like kitchen supplies, dishes and things you’ll need for cooking. If you want you can talk to your roommate to divide expenses for example, he/ she can buy the dishes and you can buy other kitchen supplies.
  3. Make sure to pack everything and stay withing your budget, and be happy moving out is an important decision so make sure you are prepared to face life as a grown up woman or man.

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