No fridge

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Before moving out last week my roommate Mariel that’s her name told me that she didn’t have a refrigerator at the apartment, my first thought was “ohh I can deal with it” hahaha but wrong most of the thing I eat need to be stored in the fridge =( so I had to figure out my groceries list to see what things I could buy and keep my healthy diet at the same time. I started to do some research on Pinterest and found this cool web page that you just have to type the name of your product and it will tell you how long does a food product last onthe fridge or counter and freezer, here is the link Still Tasty, is very useful if you have the same issue as me or if you just want to know how long to store you products and foods  =D.

My mom is visiting me today we are planning to go have lunch together =d I’m currently not eating meat, I started to make continence on how farms treat those poor animals and how crazy it is to be an animal lover like me and still be eating meat not thinking on how those animals are suffering =( so I can eat them it’s kind of twisted. Any who hope you have a great rest of the day and a fun Spring break everyone!




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