Relaxing moment

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During this Spring week I haven’t been able to go to the beach or travel around my country so I had to think of things to do during this free time. I went over to some friends houses to talk and pass my time, because my roommate is gone to her hometown I have been spending my time alone at the apartment. So I found some Pilates videos and did several of them my body is super sore! and started to do crochet, I never took a class or anything I learned to do crochet by looking up for videos in YouTube. First I learned to do a simple rose bud the first one turned out not so cute but I kept practicing and now I’m actually pretty good at it!

When I have that much free time I like to start new projects more of fine motor use like crochet because it is so relaxing and there are so many cute little things that you can make in my DIY pinterest board here you can find several free patterns and a How to crochet tutorials.


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