Makeup review


Hi guys today I want to share my makeup most, these are the makeup products that I can’t live without! I use them for my daily makeup routine and for special occasions too.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed I was looking around for a product with a highlighter/bronzer duo, and I stumbled upon this product, which also includes the blush.
At first I didn’t like the way it looked because I found it chalky and actually I really didn’t knew how to apply it well =D. Now, after experimenting some, I love these products. I have oily skin, and the highlighter on my skin gives me a nice sheen without making me look oily. The bronzer isn’t too dark for me, and is great for contouring. The blush is nice, also, very pretty on my skin. It’s very close to the color that I naturally blush at, so I love it.
I’d recommend this product, as I absolutely love it. The packaging is great, and the products themselves are great!

TOO FACED CAT EYES FEROCIOUSLY FEMININE  It has a neat and handy metal case with a mirror and it works well in your every day bag. It has these amazing eye shadows with a great combo of matte and shimmers. The three color with wet/dry formula are great to use as an eyeliner in case you don’t have one in hand and it stays put all day. This fab palette is perfect to use day after day and occasion after occasion.

NARS ‘Audacious’ Mascara This is my #1 mascara of all time after using it my eyes looked soooo big and they are not! This mascara builds up my lashes easily and quickly, there are no clumps or smudges. I truly recommend this mascara I haven’t found lots of good reviews about this product I guess that it doesn’t work with a lot of people but for me this is the ultimate mascara!







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