Go to Outifts & Items Essentials

Go to Outifts & Items Essentials


Hi guys, today I’m sharing my ultimate go to clothing pieces and accessories, like when you have to run an errand and to need to go quick and change into comfy clothes. One of the clothing pieces that are really comfy and easy to wear is this T-shirt dress which I normally style with a pair of Sandals or these Chucks that I find that are the most easy and quick to put on! you don’t even have to tie the laces you just put them on and then you go. Also I wear a pair of shorts and a T-shirt which I prefer it to be a striped tee and a simple cross-body bag I love them brown and earth tone colors because they go with almost everything so finally the good old Sun protector to take care of your skin while you go and do your errands! Hope you guys like this post you can hit on the Like button or leave a comment also at the bottom you can find the links to these combo in the little icons! Love, Marina.


Skin Care Routine Day n´ Night

Skin Care Routine Day n´ Night


Hi guys today I´m sharing my top skin care products and the order of applying them, first in the morning I use a morning cleanser to clean my face from all of the bacteria that I got while sleeping and to have a clear face for applying makeup. Then I use my NARS toner to clarify and even my skin tone, after that I used a day cream for me  Clarins Multi active Day Cream works best because I always wake up looking tired and kind of like puffy hehehehe but these cream helps me to look awake. And last but not least Sunscreen always wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV rays even though you live in a country where there is almost no sun it´s always best to keep it save. Then there is my night time routine of course use a cleanser to remove makeup excess and to start fresh your night time routine I a toner as well you can use the same one you use in the morning that is what I do but if you can you can buy a night time toner. I used to have several acne spots on my face and I used to always do a spot treatment this one worked wonders with my face try it out and tell me how you did with it. And then apply a serum and to finish it up your night cream. Hope you guys like this post at the bottom I have the links to the products and if you have a different routine for day or night you can write me down on a comment.

Love, Marina.


Re-create the look: Kim Kardashian

Re-create the look: Kim Kardashiankim


Yesterday night I was checking on my snapchat live stories and I saw this look on Kim Kardashian and I loved it it it is simple and chic and it looks comfy plus I love her new hairstyle! I{m sharing a re-create the look hope you guys like it and enjoy!