First Birchbox review!

Hello, my friends! Today I’m going to write my first Birchbox review, if you don’t know what Birchbox is let me explain, Birchbox is an online monthly subscription service that sends its subscribers a box of four to five selected samples of makeup, or other beauty related products. This is their web page Birchbox, so every month Birchbox lets subscribers pick between a curated box or a single sample choice and be surprised by the rest of the items. This review is for the Sample Choice, $10 a month.


So each box comes with a card that has a brief of the month’s theme. The December’s theme is Shine On! it’s all about “brilliant and festive products plus treats for on-the-go touch ups”



The flip card shows every product detailed. And this box included a sheet of gift tags!

This month’s box also bring a cute small pocket mirror. 20161219_145930


IPKN Flash Cream Radiant Primer/  Full -size, $28.

This nourishing SPF 15 primer creates a smooth, luminous canvas for makeup. The first thing I notice about this product when I tested was the shine that gives to your skin, and the smoothness that gives your face. I applied it on my face and then I massage it with my fingertips.


LOC One & Done Shadow Stick- Rock Steady/ Full- size, $10. 

This is a creaseless, waterproof shadow stick, this is the first shadow stick that I tried and I think that it fits perfectly for me I really liked it the color stands out very pretty. I applied it from the inner corner to the outer corner lid, and then gently smudge it along the way.

This is how it looks on, I’m just wearing the eye shadow stick. 2016-12-19-16-34-09



Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream/ Full- size, $88. 

This is face cream that promotes cell regeneration, soothes any skin type, (So it’s for every skin type!), reduces broken capillaries and makes skin radiant. The first thing you notice when you open the product it’s the smell of roses it smells fantastic, I haven’t had the time to catch any results for now just that my skin felt softer when I applied it.


And last but not least, Rene Furterer Lumicia Shampoo and Conditioner/ Shampoo full- size, $22/ Conditioner full- size, $24. 

Shampoo – This shampoo uses active plant ingredients like Acerola extract to lift daily residue for a soft. glossy finish.

Conditioner- The conditioner neutralizes hard water buildup on your strands’ cuticles for a weightless finish, while it moisturizes and adds lots of shine.

These were the only two products that I really didn’t enjoy that much, the sample sizes were too small for hair samples and it didn’t let me time appreciate the results on my hair.

So this December Birchbox is valued in $172, if you love to try new products and love makeup and beauty products I really recommend this box to you, I’ m going to keep trying it out and giving you a monthly review on the boxes. Hope you enjoyed this review and thanks so much for reading.



Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.- Buddha



Skin Care Routine Day n´ Night

Skin Care Routine Day n´ Night


Hi guys today I´m sharing my top skin care products and the order of applying them, first in the morning I use a morning cleanser to clean my face from all of the bacteria that I got while sleeping and to have a clear face for applying makeup. Then I use my NARS toner to clarify and even my skin tone, after that I used a day cream for me  Clarins Multi active Day Cream works best because I always wake up looking tired and kind of like puffy hehehehe but these cream helps me to look awake. And last but not least Sunscreen always wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV rays even though you live in a country where there is almost no sun it´s always best to keep it save. Then there is my night time routine of course use a cleanser to remove makeup excess and to start fresh your night time routine I a toner as well you can use the same one you use in the morning that is what I do but if you can you can buy a night time toner. I used to have several acne spots on my face and I used to always do a spot treatment this one worked wonders with my face try it out and tell me how you did with it. And then apply a serum and to finish it up your night cream. Hope you guys like this post at the bottom I have the links to the products and if you have a different routine for day or night you can write me down on a comment.

Love, Marina.


NARS Audacious Mascara


Hi peep! So during the Christmas holidays I was checking out different mascaras at Sephora online, I have always used the Maybelline mascaras because those are like the best mascaras they sell here at DR, but this time I wanted to get a really gooooodddd mascara. I have always liked the NARS products however I have never bought a NARS mascara. I saw the latest one the Audacious mascara, the reviews were awesome so I thought I should try it out.

My lashes are super thin and not full so even though I put on mascara they doesn’t stand out as much, and I don’t like to wear false eyelashes to me they are pretty uncomfortable; with the NARS mascara they look full and they stand out I feel it gives me a complete definition and I don’t even have to curl them! =) So I eager you to try it, it makes wonders with your lashes. If you do try it out send me your picture and show me how you wear your mascara and if there is another product that works for you, you can comment and write the link and I’ll try it.

Thanks for reading!





Hola, hoy les traigo 2 recetas de mascarillas para la cara que te ayudaran a sentir tu piel fresca y reanimada. Estas son algunas de mis favoritas:

Mascarilla de Avena y miel 

Esta es de las que más uso antes de colocarme mi maquillaje ya que me deja la piel de la cara suave y sin grasa y más a mí que tengo la cara  tipo grasosa. 

  • 1 cita de miel 
  • 1 yema de huevo 
  • Avena 

Pepino y Yogurt

Esta funciona para cualquier tipo de piel.

  • 1/2 de un pepino 
  • 1 cada de yogurt (plain)

Agrega los ingredientes en la licuadora hasta que se haga un puré y colócatelo en la cara de 15 a 20 minutos, remueve con agua tibia.

Espero que lo intenten en casa, feliz resto del día.



few cosmetic favs

few cosmetic favs

Sephora Collection polishing kit
2,665 DOP –

Urban Decay blending brush
2,440 DOP –

Matte eyeshadow
2,260 DOP –

Nars cosmetic
1,175 DOP –

Urban Decay blush
1,530 DOP –

No Light Gel: Show Us Your Tribal Vibe in 2 Steps with Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™: Contest Entry

No Light Gel: Show Us Your Tribal Vibe in 2 Steps with Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™: Contest Entry

ASOS crossbody purse
1,625 DOP –

Karen Millen cowl neck sweater
7,870 DOP –

1,755 DOP –

ASOS ballet flat
1,455 DOP –